I could use one of those about now. I generally have a problem with uniformity; however, if it solves decision making problems on dark winter mornings and eliminates clothes shopping . . . sign me up. If you know me, you know I do not love to dress up. I was a questionless proponent of casual Friday. I love jeans and I have a fleece addiction. REI and Patagonia do not really have a professional attire department, so I struggle. I experimented with the corporate/casual wear at The GAP, J.Crew, and Banana Republic, until I realized those clothes are really for 24 year old professionals with no body fat.

Luckily, I found Ann Taylor and more importantly, I discovered her Loft where she hides all of her less expensive apparel. Ann Taylor makes clothing that fits my body, which is a really good thing. Ann also realized she could sucker me in to her clothing line by redoing her sizing. For years I was a size 6, now, thanks mostly to Ann, I am a 2. However, 2 or not, I still have to shop. Things got a bit easier a few years ago when it occurred to me that I could use mannequins and just replicate the ensembles. Wow. Of course, that’s what those headless things are for. The headless gals have helped me some, but shopping still takes so much time . . . and the wearing of nice clothes takes time – all the ironing, the dry cleaning, the matching, the accessorizing. I am a simple girl; I struggle.

So, the simple blazer, gold and ugly as it may be, would be so easy. Perhaps it is time for the rebirth of the iconic blazer that sadly faded away with the 80’s. I wonder what it would look like in fleece?

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