The tip of Wing Point on Bainbridge with the Seattle skyline in the not-too-far-off background.

photo jen pells

Last week our little island was written up in the New York Times. The article has some great images of the island and quotes from local islanders. It is nice to get so much attention. We were in Coastal Living at the end of last year and have been featured in Sunset, as well. I guess we are quite the vacation spot.

The thing I found interesting was how the NY Times article made it sound like there are just a bunch of vacationers here. Funny, because we chose the island for all the reasons it makes sense to live here full time – and raise a family. The great schools, the low crime rate, the proximity to the city. The article does mention this, but the slant is heavy on our isle being the place to get away.

Now, we do like the same charm the tourists like too – the coffee shops, art galleries, and comfy bookstore down in Winslow. The charm is fun and quaint. The bonus with Bainbridge is that you also have a community of folks that make living here and raising a family viable. You can’t do that in every little charming spot. My husband and I spent a lot of time in Mendocino before we had kids and would have loved to live there. But, there were two problems, no jobs nearby, and not a big population with kids in school, i.e., not a great place to work and raise kids. For us, Bainbridge is the right mix of rural and urban. So, maybe the article has a point, living here is just like being on vacation full time?

Link to the great slideshow from NY Times article

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I am not sure exactly how many articles Coastal Living Magazine has written on Bainbridge Island, but our island is a popular subject in their magazine. I was a subscriber and fan long before I lived anywhere near the coast. Coastal Living was my mini escape from the dry 110 degree heat I lived with for almost fifteen summers in the Sacramento Valley. But, alas, I found my way to the coast and Coastal Living magazine happily followed me here. Their most recent article in their September ’08 issue does a great job highlighting some genuinely great things to do if you find yourself on the island for weekend. Folks who live here have commented that the ideas on what to do and where to eat are the real deal, not just touristy spots. Places mentioned, like Sawatdy Thai food and The Edge Improv are local favorites – so if you want to experience Bainbridge like the locals do, check out the article linked below.

Coastal Living Article – Falling for Bainbridge
and another article they just recently did . . .
Coastal Living Article – So Much to do in Bainbridge

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