Late summer nights at Lytle Beach | Jen Pells Realtor

Late summer nights at Lytle Beach.

10. The sun shines a lot and the days are long. Like light until 10pm long . . .

Point White Pier | Jen Pells Realtor

Pier jumping off of Point White Pier . . . at high tide.

9. Pier jumping out at Point White Pier . . . watching my kids do this, that is.

8. Having bonfires on the beach, or in the backyard, with friends.

Gasworks Park in Seattle | Jen Pells Realtor

Day trip to Gasworks Park in Seattle.

7. Being able to ferry over to Seattle for the entire day.

6. Enjoying toast and jam outside at Blackbird Bakery.

Mora Iced Creamery on Bainbridge Island | Jen Pells Realtor

Mora Iced Creamery on Bainbridge Island.

5. Mora Ice Cream in the evening.

Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction | Jen Pells Realtor

The sea of bikes at the Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction. We dropped one off yesterday.

4. The Annual Rotary Rummage Sale & Auction. Drop off started yesterday, the sale is Saturday, June 30th, 2012.

3. Saturday mornings at Farmer’s Market. The best place to get salad greens (and pot stickers) on the island.

2. Cool runs in the shady Grand Forest. Or a sunny run along the water out at Fort Ward Park.

4th of July Parade on Bainbridge Island | Jen Pells Realtor

The Grade Ol’e 4th of July Parade on Bainbridge Island.

1. The 4th of July Parade Bonanza downtown.

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Blackbird Bakery on Bainbridge Island

The new, cool sign behind the bar at Blakbird Bakery. I think they’re right!
Even though we are a stone’s throw from the big Mermaid herself (yes, I mean Starbuck’s), Bainbridge Island only has one – and it is in our Safeway, which, as you can imagine, lacks any sort of coffee house vibe.

Thankfully, we are well taken care of with other charming coffee shops/bakeries.
Here are my top three:

from Blackbird Bakery on Bainbridge Island

One of Blackbird’s holiday creations, personalized Gingerbread People!
1. Blackbird Bakery
Why? Location and a great latte. I think they make the best non-fat latte around. Either they use some really great milk or it is not really non-fat at all. Either way I am happy when I am sipping it out of their cool mugs. I love being able to get my coffee, sit at the bar facing the street and people watch. Or, I take my coffee and go the post office, grocery store, bank, book store, etc. – all on foot! Being in the heart of Winslow makes it my very favorite. Also, my kids love their creative cookies and their t-shirts!
Treehouse Cafe' on Bainbridge Island

The new outdoor seating area at The Treehouse Cafe’.
When it is not 20 degrees outside, like it was today,
there will be many people enjoying this spot.
2. Treehouse Cafe’
Why? Great ambience, close to Lytle Beach, and yummy hot chocolate. The Treehouse Cafe’ is on the south end of the island, so it is out of my errand running zone, but it is close to my kids’ school. I usually hit Treehouse on my way to or from Fort Ward State Park or Lytle Beach. Last weekend my kids and I needed to get outside, so we went for a a very chilly walk out at Fort Ward. Afterwards, we warmed up with their hot chocolate topped with real whip cream, the best. I’m looking forward to using their new outdoor seating area this summer (they are expanding because they are so loved and so successful). Their pizza is awesome too, especially while dining at their leather couch!
Bainbridge Bakers on Bainbridge Island
And yes, more outdoor seating, it is all about the sun in the Pacific Northwest.
And, when it is cold or rainy, they have a great amount of indoor seating too.

3. Bainbridge Bakers
Why? Free wi-fi, lots of seating, and good baguettes. This is where I work when I need a break from the office and with their ample indoor and outdoor seating you always have a good shot at getting a spot. Their location in The Winslow Green on the west end of Winslow Way is still close to everything and parking is easy.

There are several more good coffee shops on the isalnd, but for the reasons just mentioned, you are most likely to find me at one of the above havens – especially when it is so very cold outside.
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Ferry in Eagle Harbor on Banibridge Island
1. It is truly an island
Yes, there is a bridge to Poulsbo and beyond, but the Sound between here and Seattle is a perfect buffer to the action of the big city.

2. The low crime rate
I know we are not isolated from bad things or bad people, but I can breathe a little sigh of relief when I step off the ferry. The statistics speak for themselves. However, the incident at the pool the other day, proves it is very hard to totally get away from crime.

3. The great Bainbridge Island School District
We go back and forth with Mercer Island for the top spot in the state. However, as a former teacher, I know test scores are not everything. I love the small school my daughter attends. I love the feeling of the school, the kindness of the staff. The small size ensures that my daughter won’t get caught in any cracks and I love that Judy, the school secretary knows the names of everyone in our family!

4. Islandmoms Facebook
This group is awesome. It is a wonderful support community. If you are looking for a recommendation for a painter or doctor, this is the place to go. For feedback and advice on anything island, this is the message board to read and write on. If you are looking to borrow snow boots or a costume for your child, a total stranger will probably let you borrow them. It is great!

5. The Treehouse Café
They have the best Cesar salad and our family loves eating pizza on the couches in the restaurant.

6. Blackbird Bakery
An island institution. I just like knowing it is there. I am not too hip on their sweet stuff (my youngest daughter is though) or coffee, I actually like their loaves of wheat bread.

7. Dancing Paint Ceramic Studio
A great spot to spend an hour or two on a rainy or sunny day. It is a beautiful, light filled studio in downtown Winslow. You and/or your kids will love the creative outlet . . . and you thought you had enough coffee mugs, never! )now closed :(

8. The Bainbridge Island Public Library
Carmen the children’s librarian does a top-notch job with storytime. My preschooler loves to listen to her read and act out stories! Pierre the French Mouse is pretty cute too.

9. Sawan Thai Kitchen
Green Curry Chicken, yumm. Three-Star Spicy is spicy enough for me!

10. Bainbridge Performing Arts Theatre
Folks from Seattle ferry over to see our plays . . . and folks from Seattle come over to be in the plays too. They offer a great theatre program for kids too. My daughter loved the camp she was in last summer.

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