This year the Bainbridge School's Foundation has pledged a million dollars to help bridge the gap.

This year the Bainbridge School’s Foundation has pledged a million dollars to help bridge the gap.

Bridging the Gap

The best way to describe what the Bainbridge Schools Foundation does is – bridge the gap.  They bridge the gap between state funding and the amount of money really needed to run a school – and run it well.

Since 2006 BSF has been working hard to raise money to keep the educational standards high on Bainbridge Island.  As a community, Bainbridge Island has not allowed the state budget cuts to compromise our school quality.  This year alone, BSF has pledged 1 million dollars to the district.  With that million dollars, the district was able to hire back nine teacher who were laid off, continue a high level of teacher training, implement the STEM program, fund classroom grants . . . and more.

Education for the Island

Blakely Elementary Students learn about farming at HeyDay Farms on Bainbridge Island.

Blakely Elementary Students learn about farming at HeyDay Farms on Bainbridge Island.

All around our state and country school districts are being hit hard by dramatic budget cuts.  It is a sad and sobering thought to think that my own children are attending school in some of the most economically challenging times in our century.  And, I do not see things changing much in the next decade when my own children will be attending middle and high school. Things I used to take for granted when I taught back in the 90’s like copy paper or after school homework clubs are now a luxury.

We moved to Bainbridge Island because it was not ok for our kids to have a sub-par education because of bad economic timing.  And a huge part of why Bainbridge Island’s schools continue to be strong comes from the support of BSF.  Hiring back teachers keeps the class sizes small. Funding teacher grants keeps clubs like the Chess Club and Rocket Club alive – and basic supplies like paper and pencils in the classroom. Funding technology programs keeps teachers trained and crucial technology present and up to date.

We are very fortunate that island residents, even those without kids in the school district, support the BSF, year after year.  We all see the value of a smart, well educated island community.

Inspiring Minds from Vignette Creative on Vimeo.

Gala Dinner

One of the major fundraisers for the foundation each year is the Gala Dinner.  It was held about a week ago on January 21st.  This year the auction dinner raised $360,000 for our schools – cheers to the foundation for another great event.  Vignette Creative produced this inspiring video, which debuted at the dinner.  It was truly moving to see my kid’s hard working teachers on the big screen. The video is very well done – take a peek inside our schools.



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Education on Bainbridge Island
My daughter Zoe made a twisted wire lion in one of the Seattle Art Museum’s project classes.
One of Alexander Calder's Mobiles on display at the Seattle Art Museum
One of Alexander Calder’s Mobiles on display at the Seattle Art Museum.

Of course I write a lot about Bainbridge here on my Bainbridge Blog . . . however, I don’t want you to forget about one of the primary reasons Bainbridge is so outstanding – Seattle.   One my favorite things to do is walk on the ferry and walk off onto the streets of Seattle.  Seattle, the big city that it is, has so much to offer and it is really just steps away (via an easy stress-free ferry ride).

Being one of Seattle’s suburbs, one cool feature is that kids from Bainbridge Island schools often take walking field trips to Seattle attractions, like the Seattle Children’s Theatre, the museums, the Seattle Public Library, the Seattle Aquarium, etc.  Last week, my daughter’s class and all of the first graders from Blakely Elementary went to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Calder Exhibit.  We walked off the ferry to the museum, participated in an art class, saw the exhibit, and were back to school by noon.  Easy field trips to Seattle, another excellent island perk.

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