In typical Northwest fashion, summer officially arrived after the 4th of July.  We had our first taste of heat last week, when temperatures reached the 90’s -quite unusual for Bainbridge.  Now, with school out summer brings:

An end to softball season and the start of Allstars – great job BI Girls 9/10

The start of Allcomers on July 5th

The 4th of July Parade Downtown

Better weather for beach days at Lytle Beach

Horse Riding Lessons for Zoe

Summer Camps for the kids

And the ripening of the Marshall Strawberries in our backyard

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The school years zip by even quicker than when I was a kid . . . and here we are in July. Summer is already well underway and I don’t think I even have the lunchboxes packed away. The end of the school year is so busy . . . my excuse for not blogging. But, here are some end of the year memories, Bainbridge style: some photos of the end of the Softball season, the Blakely school concert, Blakely Field Day, Parent’s Night in Kindergarten, and some beach time from a field trip and the last day of school. Now that I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, tomorrow we are off to the Grand Ole’ 4th (which is so big it has to start on the 3rd) in downtown Winslow. Hope to see you there.

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My daughter, Olivia, is in the back row. Thanks Coach Geeslin.

Come rain or come shine – little league season is here. Opening day was yesterday at Rotary Park. Scads of ball players filled the park to kick off the start of the 2009 Season. So, listen for the crack of the bat at a park near you – I love spring!

Thank you to all the coaches who volunteer countless hours during the season – the parents and community at large appreciate your efforts! We’ll see you out there. Go Diamonds!

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My daughter is eight. She plays softball with Bainbridge Island Little League. Last night, which was a Friday, at 6pm, was her first game of the season. And, to welcome the season, it rained, no actually it poured. And to spice it up, the wind kicked up just in time for the snow and then yes, the hail.

Umbrellas sprouted up as parents hovered near the fences, trying to stay out of the flash-flood puddles forming. And the dugout became the stadium for the dedicated, but wimpy (me) parents who could not stand to become soaked.

What about the kids, did they cry and complain (as the parents were doing a but of, I must admit)? Heck no, they were dancing about, cheering and seemingly unaffected by the spring storm. To make the game possible, a smart Little League Parent, with obviously much more gaming experience than myself, had a large squeegee and would diligently squeegee home base in between batters.

My daughter was one of the many who got a hit this first go around and actually got to cross home base. However, she had to give tagging home base two attempts, because she missed it the first time, as it was flooded over, of course.

After each team got a chance to bat, the die-hard coaches who didn’t call the game from the start, finally caved in and called the game due to foul weather. So, soaked and happy, amped from cupcakes and hot cocoa, the girls commenced the season, in classic Bainbridge style.

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