Eggs from our Chickens on Bainbridge Island
All eggs from our hens.
The egg in the middle best represents the shape and size of a store bought egg.
We think the little hen on the right (currently molting) is responsible for the tiny eggs.
A sure sign of spring . . . more eggs.  One thing I have learned from having backyard chickens is that the more light there is, the more eggs hens lay.  Hens have a “set” amount of eggs and lay them over the course of their lifetime, laying the most their first year, less the second year and so on.  The average backyard chicken will lay 300-400 eggs (lots of variables depending on variety, diet & health).  However, in the winter, with the lack of light, the egg production slows way down.
On an average spring or summer day we get two or three eggs from our four chickens.  This past winter we were lucky to find one every other day.  Now mid-April, we are now back to two or three a day (which means we can start giving them away to our friends and neighbors) . . . spring is here.

Not Your Average Egg

I have also learned that eggs are not uniform in size or color.  Our hens lay brownish eggs, sometimes light and speckled, sometimes dark and smooth.  But, the biggest diversity is in size and shape as the photo shows.  It is always fun to find the small egg . . . and it is also fun to try and figure out which hen laid which egg.

Hard to Go Back to Store-bought

The color, texture and taste of the eggs is far superior to store bought eggs . . . if you have not tired fresh eggs, you must.  If you live on or around Bainbridge Island and you’d like fresh, free-range, diverse eggs . . . but you don’t want your own backyard flock, check out the map on the Sound Food website, to find where local eggs are sold – or see the short list below.

If you have questions about keeping chickens, send me an email.  There are many websites on the topic, but is pretty thorough.  Sunset Magazine has also covered the topic and has a basic Chicken 101 Article.

Where to find eggs on Bainbridge Island

Where to find fresh eggs:

The Bainbridge Island or
Poulsbo Farmer’s Markets
(go early)

HeyDay Farm Store
Lynwood Center
4569 Lynwood Cntr. Road
Bainbridge Island

Pan d’Amor Bakery
Lynwood Center
4569 Lynwood Cntr. Road
Bainbridge Island

Chateau Poulet
Linda Meier
4490 Eagle Harbor Drive NE
Bainbridge Island



Jo’s Chicken Farm
Madeline Corbin
8719 Battle Point Road
Bainbridge Island, WA

Bay Hay & Feed
In Rollingbay on Bainbridge
10355 Ne Valley  Road
Bainbridge Island, WA

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