No, it is not 9am, it is 10am, yikes. Today we will all spring forward, (in Washington anyway) and now our mornings will be a little darker for a while. But, the upside is that we will have a little more light in the evening. And, light is an important thing here in the Pacific Northwest. When we first moved to Washington, I was a bit worried about the lack of light. Local folks made it sound as if there were only four hours of light during the day. My worry led me to investigate and what I found was this detailed website tool that charts Sunrise and Sunset for your city. You can watch how the hours of light increase and then decrease by day, kind of cool. And what I learned is that the darker winters balance out with the very long summer days (even longer than CA, where I grew up).

The real issue, I always find with time change is getting my kids to adjust their bedtime. So, I wish all the parents out there luck this Sunday night, as we try to get the little ones to sleep.

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